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fleur losfeld portrait photographer in NYC

Hello there,

I'm Fleur, a New York based french portrait photographer. I'm also a wife (to a ridiculously sexy husband) and a new mother (to the most precious baby boy). I feel blessed to be doing this profession, and I am very honored that you are considering me for capturing this very special moment in your life.


My style can be defined as contemporary, elegant, and emotional. I'm a sentimental person, and when I think of a portrait, I always aim for capturing something personal, yet unique and delicate: I want people not only to look like themselves, but I want to show their inner-strength radiate through.

With a strong background in photo-reportage, I know how to capture genuine expressions, and will always keep you at-ease, cultivate  candid moments, and guide you throughout the entire experience so your true personality can blossom and shine!

There is no one "standard" in what we call beauty.

It's hiding in the corner of each Soul;

I know where to find it and make it shine.

Let me create the most iconic portrait

you have ever seen of yourself.

Yours truly,
- F

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